PowerID Qualifies Datamax-O'Neil RFID Printers for Use with BAP Labels

PETAH TIKVA | PowerID Ltd., a supplier of battery-assisted, passive (BAP) RFID technology, has announced that it has fully qualified one of Datamax-O'Neil's RFID printers to print and encode its BAP labels. Datamax-O'Neil's H-Class RFID printers are now qualified for use with two types of EPCglobal Class 1, Generation 2-compliant BAP labels–the PowerG and PowerT.

The Datamax-O'Neil H-Class printers have become the first UHF printers and encoders to support PowerID's BAP labels. The H4212X and H6210 printers were tested and approved for use with PowerID's PowerG and PowerT–designed for general purpose logistics and race timing, respectively.

H-Class high-performance printers provide up to twice the speed and throughput of other printers in its class, according to the company. The gear-driven drive system provides rugged and reliable performance for demanding applications, and the modular design allows rapid repairs to increase up-time for the highest levels of user productivity, PowerID Ltd. reports. The RFID ready H-Class printers are field upgradeable for RFID applications.

The key to BAP's performance lies with PowerID's flexible battery technology, which enables readability in difficult environments while boosting the read range of the labels. Due to the thin, flexible form factor of the battery, the label can be used with standard, unmodified RFID printers.

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