Labelexpo Europe Preview of Exhibits

Permanently Detachable Adhesives
SEMPACH STATION, SWITZERLAND | Collano Adhesives will introduce L1-1164 and L1-202 solventless, hot melt p-s adhesives, which are said to be ideal for producing wash-off, clear-on-clear labels for glass bottles. Labels made with these adhesives reportedly are permanent, yet can be removed without trace in bottle-washing lines. Even reusable bottles reportedly can now be provided with transparent labels. Visit Stand T90

Splicer is Compact; Increases Productivity
ROCKFORD, IL | Martin Automatic will introduce the MLS Automatic Splicer, a compact splicer for non-stop unwinding at full speed and is said to be ideal for mid-web press laminating applications and for introducing additional webs to a process. The splicer is designed to mount above the printing units of new or existing web presses or at a right angle to a press line. When combined with company’s other splicing and rewinding equipment, splicer reportedly offers converters increased productivity and reduced waste by eliminating production interruptions caused by manual roll changes. Visit Stand K90

Detect Low Contrast Hazing Effects or Streaks
BINGLY, UK | Erhardt Leimer  will premier its hazing module, designed to go after very low contrast hazing effects or streaks in web direction. Integrating detection algorithm reportedly works down to very small levels. Detects hazing at high speed, which is said to be difficult to see even on a printed sample. Width of the hazing as well as tolerance setting are said to be easily adjusted by sliders in the graphical user interface of the NYSCAN print inspection system. Visit stand 11S65

Imager Is Versatile, Cost Effective
GENT, BELGUM | CDI Spark 1712 is designed as a cost-effective flexo plate and film for narrow web tag and label printers from Esko Artwork. The imager is designed to image a full size 420 x 300 mm plate of arbitrary thickness in 9 min, 30 sec. Imager is said to be one of the most versatile, able to image digital flexo plates, foil-based digital letter press plates, digital silk screens, chemistry-free film, and offset plates. Visit Stand 9F.

Dispenser is Low Maintenance; Reduces Running Cost
BRUMMEN, THE NETHERLANDS | Under its Smart (th)inking slogan at Labelexpo Europe 2009, GSE Dispensing will demonstrate that automated ink logistics are not only environment friendly – they help reduce running costs up to 30%, while delivering higher print quality and productivity. The company reports that the Colorsat Match dispenser has been a major success, with over 40 label converters worldwide investing in the system since its introduction. The system is designed to enable clean, fast, and waste-free recipe preparation in batches of 1 to 5 kg. It reportedly has enabled printers to reduce running costs up to 30%.Visit Stand 12 U75

Slitters Provide Reduced Downtime
BEDFORD, UK | Bobst Group will present an advanced range of technology and process solutions in slitting & rewinding, short-run gravure printing, coating & laminating and flexo printing for the global labelstock industry, including the ATLAS Universal LS slitter, with individual shaftless rewind arms and the OCS-2 duplex rewind shaft slitter. The slitters are said to provide unique rewinding technology for filmic/synthetic material as low as 50 micron, at speeds up to 750 m/min (2460 ft/min) and rewind diameters to 1250 mm (49.2 in). Enhanced automation systems also are said to dramatically reduce machine downtime for job changeovers & short runs. Visit Stand 7L115

Proofer is Quick; Accurate
HERTFORDSHIRE, UK | RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd will show the Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) with integrated UV curing capability. The Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) with UV curing is said to provide for quick, repeatable and highly accurate proofing of UV litho inks, UV web offset inks, UV letterpress inks and UV curable varnishes. The proofer offers automated operation, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples, the company reports. Accurate proofs reportedly are obtained in a single operation and two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison purposes. Visit Stand11P 65

UV Lamp is Energy Efficient
REDHILL, UK | GEW will feature its e-System range of UV lamp heads offering the combined benefits of increased UV output with reduced energy consumption and CO2, the company reports. System enhancements include a new lamp head reflector profile for its VCP model with highly focused range that includes cold shutter and cold filter to optimize UV efficiency with cooler running. With the emphasis on increased efficiencies with time and cost savings, GEW’s new internet technology reportedly has been optimized to enable remote monitoring linked to a customer’s UV system from its headquarters in the UK. Visit Stand 6H70

Printer Reduces Cost and Waste
NEWARK, CA | VIPColor Technologies will showcase a variety of digital applications on its new VIPColor 485e on demand label printer. The VIPColor 485e enables any printing or manufacturing company to produce labels in-house both efficiently and economically, the company reports. Key features are said to include printing speeds up to 4 ips, large separate ink tanks to reduce cost and waste, full bleed for professional quality, 4800 x 1200 dpi and simple set-up and operation from roll or fanfold label stock. The VIPColor 485e is designed for the production of labels with variable color, images, text and barcode content and can generate customized product and package labels for events, special occasions or private branding. Visit Stand 9G50

Sleeve Open-Platform Web Offset Presses
BEERFELDEN, GERMANY | Edelmann Graphics, represented by Matik, Inc., debuts its bearer-based sleeve inserts for the second generation of the shaftless Edelmann COLOR PRINT V Series presses. Called STAR Print (Sleeve Technology Advanced Rotation), the sleeve technology provides a solution that accepts the plate and blanket sleeves in an offset insert, reportedly allowing any size of print format to be changed quickly and inexpensively. Can accept offset inserts in the towers as well as flexo, gravure, silkscreen and adhesive inserts to offer the printer an open platform capability. The printer can print, says the company, in any combination required, regardless of ink lay down, quality, heat, or substrate issues. Visit Stand 12U65

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