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AIMCAL Summer School: Focused Tech Sessions

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators announces the dates for its "highly rated" AIMCAL Summer School. Slated June 9—12, 2003, the event includes one-, two-, and four-day courses "designed to provide 'practical usable solutions to converting challenges.'" AIMCAL says it has assembled some of the best consultants and educators in the industry for the four days of focused technical sessions.

AIMCAL Summer School tracks include coating and laminating; vacuum coating; and web handling and converting. AIMCAL says courses are designed to provide job-enhancing, practical information for engineers, operators, technicians, technical managers, and sales people involved in coating, laminating, and metallizing.

For course details and registration information, visit AIMCAL at aimcal.org.

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