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Answer Your RFID FAQs with AIM's RFID Privacy Primer

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA —AIM Inc., the global trade association on automatic identification, data collection, and networking in a mobile environment, says its primer RFID FAQs, Not Fiction addresses commonly asked questions and misconceptions about radio frequency identification technology, its applications, and privacy concerns.

According to AIM, RFID FAQs, Not Fiction was developed by the organization's AIM RFID Privacy Work Group. "The [group] was formed in June to create resources that can help business and consumer communities understand RFID and how it can be used," says AIM. "Concerns recently have been raised about whether 'live' RFID tags could be used to track a consumer's movements and transmit personal information to unwanted recipients. The work group addresses this question head on."

AIM says RFID FAQs, Not Fiction can be downloaded in PDF format from the association's web site at aimglobal.org/technologies/rfid/rfid_faqs.asp. For more information about AIM Inc., visit aimglobal.org.

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