Lake Image Systems Announces IntegraVision PQ

HENRIETTA, NY | Lake Image Systems, a worldwide leader in vision control and verification systems, has introduced a new, more detailed print quality inspection system. Designated IntegraVision PQ , the new product provides ‘golden template’ matching of all pages printed on a web, comparing each page to how an ideal image should appear. Lake Image Systems IntegraVision PQ provides label manufacturers with the consistent repeatability considered essential in pharmaceutical, medical, and food package printing. The system uses high-resolution linescan camera technology to image 100% of the print produced, at speeds as great as 1000 fpm, to ensure acceptable print quality throughout the run.

System identifies print errors in real time. Errors that can be detected include streaks and voids; out-of-position and out-of-alignment images; controlled document verification (as required when manufacturing pharmaceutical leaflets); and proof checking of documents prepared in languages such as Mandarin, Kanji, Hebrew, and Arabic. Capable of identifying defects as small as 0.04mm.

Lake Image Systems is the based outside London, England, and has manufacturing facilities in the UK and the US. Operating subsidiaries in France and Singapore provide additional sales and support. Lake Image Systems has more than 2200 installations around the world, and has provided customers with document integrity and print quality confidence for more than a decade.

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