Gravure Shows Off Best

The Packaging & Label Gravure Assn. (PLGA) honored its best, in the presence of 120 registered attendees, during the organization’s recent annual Operational Conference held March 11—13 at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel, Miami, FL. With 81 entries for the 2009 competition, down from previous years, James Lepp, PLGA executive director, noted that international participation had reached a new high. In fact, judges decided to divide the spoils between international and domestic winners, allowing the best of both worlds to receive equal recognition. A sampling of PLGA’s honorees is featured here, including Best of Show for both international and domestic winners.

Pouch Packs Passion
Taking the international limelight with Best of Show is CLP Packaging Solutions, Israel, for its rendition of Marks & Spencer Raspberry & Mango Passion Fruit Coulis. A shaped pouch construction captures the consumer’s eye with elegant printing that intimates an upscale look. CLP Packaging uses Siegwerk ink for a reverse-printed pouch in four colors and employs a Cerutti press for a four-ply lamination that comprises PET/Bonyl/aluminum foil/CPP. Judges felt the solids were very good and the halftones outstanding. Sharp black type and a fine metallic rule, where the laminate’s aluminum foil layer cleverly shows through, all contribute to the luscious appeal of the contained sauce.

Carton Graphics Intone Freshness
Alcan Packaging (Montreal, QC, Canada) is featured here for printing a Marlboro Fresh carton—it’s one of a total of eleven awards the corporation earned in this competition. (The plant in Westin, ON, won seven awards; the Bristol England plant, one award; and the Montreal. QC, plant, three awards.) Recognized for Technical Achievement—Specialty Inks, the carton is an example of the high quality the company consistently achieves, regardless of geographic location. Eight stations on a Bobst press were used to print solid bleached sulfate board. Flint () supplied the ink, including pearlescent ink with two different polychromatic metallic inks, matt and gloss lacquer. Judges felt the combination of matt and gloss lacquers with the polychromatic inks and the vignette background gave a sophisticated and modern look that was enhanced by embossing elements.

American Stamp of Approval
Meeting the challenging demands of the US Postal Service is something in which any company should take pride, so it’s not surprising that Avery Dennison’s Security Printing Div. walked home with the domestic Best of Show award for its American Scientist Stamp. The Fasson 60# face stock is printed six colors (employing a 300—450 line screen) on a Dai Nippon  Kiko 10-color rotogravure press, using Siegwerk C Type solvent-based inks with Environmental Ink & Coating’s water-based coating. A small dot pattern complicated the printing process, but despite the complexity of the design reversed-out images remained perfect. Judges noted such high screen count printing is a job that only gravure could deliver. Color-to-color register on all stamp samples was deemed excellent with register and die-cutting reflective of high US Postal standards.

Photographic Quality
Multi-Color Corp., Sharonville, OH, walked away with a total of eight awards among domestic competitors. The company’s Dollywood submission won accolades in the Heat Transfer Label category. Employing a Bobst Champlain press, seven colors (solvent inks) were used to produce, what appears on first glance, a somewhat busy image, but judges noted details were nearly photographic in quality with well produced illustrations, halftones, solids, and type. Bright, saturated spot colors combine with crisp, detailed process images to yield the color consistency required for Dolly’s complexion and background graphics.

Judges for this year’s competition included: Dick Chesnut of W.R. Chesnut Engineering; Charlie Conover of Hurletron, Inc., Jack Kenny of Label & Narrow Web magazine; Jim Lepp, PLGA executive director; John Melotik of Cerutti; Hubert Metzger of Chema Technology; and Tony White of Flexo/Gravure magazine.

Completing the list of winning entries are the following, divided by international and domestic submissions in their respective categories:
International Winners
Alcan Packaging (Montreal, QC, Canada) ( for Benson & Hedges Super Slims; Cartons: Paperboard-Top Coated
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Wrigley Juicy Fruit Squeeze; Flexible Packaging: Film/Film Lamination
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Kraft Bryers Yogurt Lidding; Flexible Packaging: Paper/Film Lamination
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Dannon Light N Fit Yogurt Lid; Flexible Packaging: Foil/Paper Lamination
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Pedigree Super Chew; Flexible Packaging: Bags
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Dial Cranberry AntiOxident Bar; Sleeves/Tube: Reverse Printed
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Stonyfield Yo Kids Yogurt Lid; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: Composite Structure
Editorial Padilla (Dominican Republic) for Presidente Beer Label; PSA Labels: Prime Label/Paper
Alcan Packaging (Westin, ON, Canada) ( for Gauloises Tobacco Overwrap; Innovations: Process
Alcan Packaging (Montreal, QC, Canada) ( for Benson & Hedges Super Slims; Specialty: Special Effects/Novelty
Alcan Packaging (Bristol, England) ( for Lambert & Butler Hologram Carton; Technical Achievement: Specialty Substrate

Domestic Winners
Alcan Packaging (Atlanta, GA) ( for Wrigley’s Extra Fruit Sensations; Cartons: Paperboard-Top Coated
Packaging Corp. of America (Waco, TX) ( for Kirkland Draw String Kitchen Bags; Cartons: Corrugated–Pre-Print
Bemis Flexible Packaging Milprint Div. (Lebanon, PA) ( for Hershey’s Black Cherry Almond; Flexible Packaging: Film/Film Lamination–Process
American Packaging (Columbus, WI) ( for Ghiradelli/100% Cacao Baking Chips; Flexible Packaging: Film/Film Lamination–Line
Printpack, Inc. (Elgin, IL) ( for Young Smylie Strawberry Licorice; Flexible Packaging: Pouches
SleeveCo, Inc. (Dawsonville, GA) ( for Graviola Life Tea; Sleeves/Tubes: Reverse Printed
SleeveCo, Inc. (Dawsonville, GA) ( for Sun-Type Apple Pineapple Banana Juice; Sleeves/Tubes: Heat Shrinkable–More than 13%
American Packaging (Columbus, WI) ( for Pringles Restaurant Cravers; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: Paper–Top Coated
SleeveCo, Inc. (Dawsonville, GA) ( for Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: Film–Reverse Printed
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for ProLine-Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: In-Mold Label–Paper
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Gain-Smooth Sensations; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: In-Mold Label–Film
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Leinenkugel’s 1888 Bock; Non-PSA Labels/Wraps: Glue Applied Label
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Imperial; Coupons, Premiums & Booklets: Paper
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Miller MGD Light 64; Coupons, Premiums & Booklets: No-Label Look
Bemis Flexible Packaging Milprint Div. (Lebanon, PA) ( for Zone Perfect Dark; Innovations: Process
American Greetings Corp. (Greeneville, TN) ( for Cardinals Gift Wrap; Specialty: Gift Wrap
American Greetings Corp. (Greeneville, TN) ( for Wonder Pets Kids Tray; Specialty: Special Converting
Alcan Packaging (Atlanta, GA) ( for Camel #9 Menthol; Specialty: Special Effects/Novelty
Alcan Packaging (Atlanta, GA) ( for Camel #9 Menthol Tactile Effect; Technical Achievement: Specialty Inks
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Diet Coke; Technical Achievement: Specialty Coatings
Multi-Color Corp. (Sharonville, OH) ( for Snuggle Crème-Jojoba Essence; Technical Achievement: Specialty Substrates
Seal-It Div. of Printpack, Inc. (Farmingdale, NY) ( for Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon; Technical Achievement: Specialty Substrates

A complete list of awards that includes Honorable Mentions can be found at

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