CMM Conference Program Focuses on Helping Converters Cope with Economy

TULSA, OK | With the theme of “Full Throttle Solutions for a Challenging Economy,” CMM Intl. has unveiled a comprehensive conference program to the converting industry. Featuring three main educational tracks–Business Management, Technology, and Operations–hands-on workshops, panel discussions and presentations by the industry’s leading experts, the four-day conference program will provide converters from around the world with the valuable insight they need to run their business more effectively.

Ranging from such practical operational sessions as “Successful Web Handling Techniques & Technologies,” to such valuable management sessions as “Strategies To Excel In A Difficult Business Climate,” the four-day, 60-session conference program was designed to complement the technologies attendees will see in operation on the exhibit floor.

“We worked very closely with our industry association and media partners to create a unique experience for converters whereby they can discover the latest trends and technologies in the educational sessions and then see the technology in operation on the exhibition floor,” said MaryBeth DeWitt, CMM Event Director.

Beginning with pre-conference workshops to be presented by industry expert Timothy Walker (a Paper, Film & Foil Converter technical contributor) on Monday, June 1, the CMM conference program wraps up on Thursday, June 4 with a mega-session panel discussion entitled “Sustainability in Practice: Green Washing & Beyond.” The sessions announced as of March 1, 2009 include:

The Business Management Track features sessions on topics such as “State of the Converting Community,” “Building the Best Supply-Chain Communications,” “Making the Business Case for ‘Green’ Coatings,” and “Strategies to Excel in a Difficult Business Climate.”

The Technology Track sessions on “Enhancing Productivity Through Coating & Laminating,” “The Importance of Color Management & Prepress Operations,” “Increasing Efficiency with Lean Manufacturing,” and “Protecting Your Brand through Packaging.”

The Operations Track features sessions on “Successful Web Handling Techniques & Technologies, “Handling, Reducing and Profiting from Waste,” “Folding Carton Operations,” and “Managing Web Inspections to Perfection.”

"The 2009 conference program gives yet another reason for companies to bring their buying team so they can learn about the new trends and technologies in the conference sessions and then see them in action,” says Brendan O’Neill, Conference Director.

For more information on the CMM International 2009 Conference Program, including speakers, registration, and session updates, visit

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