AIMCAL Course Teaches Solution Preparation, Mixing

FORT MILL, SC | AIMCAL‘s Converting School will hold a course on “Solution Preparation and Mixing” from April 21-24, 2009, in Dallas, TX. Solution Preparation is aimed at developing skills to understand and improve many aspects of coating solution preparation and delivery to the coating line. Attendees will be shown the significant parameters for efficient mixing and how they can be used to estimate mixing time. Also, this course will demonstrate that the properties of the coating solution have a critical effect on the uniform and reproducible application of a coating.

Attendees also will discuss in a practical way how these solution properties also affect physical defects, coater operability, drying, an d surface features of the coated product. Manufacturing the best coating solution possible is critical, since the web coater cannot correct defects resident in the original solution. For registration information, visit

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