Celplast Metallized Products, Davis-Standard Host One-Day Course

FULTON, NY | Celplast Metallized Products, in cooperation with Davis-Standard, LLC, recently hosted a one-day course called “Challenges of Web Handling and Winding” for 15 companies and over 60 attendees.The one-day complimentary program included a plant tour and information session at Celplast Metallized Product’s facility located in Toronto, Ontario.

“Films are getting thinner, machines are getting faster and product requirements are becoming more demanding,” says Jim Lush, Industrial Account Manager at Celplast. “As a result, the challenges of web handling and winding films in the flexible packaging industry have become even tougher. We felt this course would be beneficial to our employees as well as customers.”

The course was lead by R. Duane Smith, who is internationally recognized as a leading expert in web handling and winding technologies during his 36 years of experience in the Industry. The course provided practical information on how to confront the difficulties in web transporting, slitting, spreading, and winding flexible packaging papers, films, foils, and nonwovens. The importance of in-wound tension was discussed, how it is achieved and measured on various types of winders, as well as the causes and cures of common roll and web defects.

For more information about courses like this, contact Jim Lush at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Duane Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Davis-Standard, LLC Converting Systems is comprised of Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Egan and Er-We-Pa, which design and manufacture equipment to serve the extrusion coating and laminating, cast film, liquid coating, blown film, and pelletizing industries worldwide. For more information on Davis-Standard, LLC, visit www.bc-egan.com.

Celplast Metallized Products Limited is a supplier of metallized and barrier film solutions, developing market driven solutions through innovation, technical excellence, and quality. For more information on Celplast Metallized Products Limited, visit http://cmp.celplast.com.

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