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National Starch Reports Price Increase for Adhesives

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, USA—National Starch and Chemical Co. announces an 8 to 12 percent price increase on all its adhesive products sold in the US (via National Adhesives), effective April 1, 2003.

The company cites rapidly increasing energy and raw material costs, including natural gas prices at "historic pricing levels," according to Charles Call, VP, US Adhesives. "At the same time," states the co., "sustained high prices for crude oil have caused petrochemical feedstocks to also shoot up in price over the past few months due to uncertainty in the Middle East and other supply issues. The has caused makers of petrochemical raw materials for adhesives to raise prices substantially."

Adds Call: "We are reluctantly increasing our price at this time to partially recover these sharp cost increases, but we are doing everything we can to minimize the impact these increases will have on our customers."

Visit National Starch and Adhesives at nationalstarch.com.

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