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Pregis Forms Fabricator Council

DEERFIELD, IL | Pregis Corp., a supplier of protective, flexible, and foodservice packaging, has formed the Pregis Fabricator Council (PFC) to help bring new engineered protective packaging solutions to end-use customers. Heading the program will be Tony Smith, Pregis’ general manager for engineered products.

The company sells its engineered product line, which includes a variety of foam plank products, to fabricators who convert it into blocking/bracing/cushioning structures for end-use applications. Typically, this is done by diecutting the foam plank into specific shapes and then assembling those pieces by hot welding, gluing, etc. to create a packaging framework.

“Fabricators are our window to the end-user for engineered products,” explains Smith. “We felt that it was important to set up a more formal communication structure so that we could better understand their needs and the needs of their customers. We are looking forward to using the PFC framework to better address the needs of both fabricators and the end-use customers.”

Twelve fabrication companies, representing various regions across the US, participated in the first PFC meeting held at the end of January.

Pregis products most often sold through the fabricator channel include PolyPlank Renew (recycled content foam plank), PolyPlank LAM (layers of extruded polyethylene laminated together) and PolyPlank EXT (single cross section, extruded plank).

Applications include end caps and other supporting structures for medical diagnostic equipment; consumer electronics (such as monitors, computers, disc drives, radios, etc.); automotive (bumper, windshield packs, part separators, trim, etc.); recreational (seat cushions, surfboards, canoe and boat carriers, etc.); case inserts for (military applications, photographic equipment, storage/shipping); furniture, glass doors, vending machines and ATMs.

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