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RadTech Votes PPG's Diehl Its Prez

CHEVY CHASE, MD, USA—RadTech International North America reports David A. Diehl, senior scientist with PPG Industries Inc., has assumed office as RadTech president for a two-year term. According to the radiation-curing industry group, Diehl has played a major role in developing the growth of the organization; his accomplishments include the transformation of the assocation's RadTech Report into what RadTech calls "a premiere trade publication."

RadTech adds it's experienced significant growth as an organization over the last few years, as the ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) industry continues to expand. "Increased productivity, flexibility, quality, value—these are the reasons companies turn to UV and EB. Bottom line: It makes economic sense." Adds Diehl: "Our challenge now, basically, is one of educating firms how they can improve their process and their product by using this technology. The versatility of UV and EB makes this a substantial opportunity. Just by virtue of the capabilities of the technology, our focus spans US manufacturing, with the formulation of coatings, inks, adhesives, powders, for industries including automotive, packaging, wood, aerospace, composites, plastics, electronics, and medicine."

The RadTech 2003 board also includes: David Harbourne, Fusion UV, president elect;

Jeffrey Ross Armstrong Industries; Petra L'Abbe, PPG; Michael Ross, Sartomer; Bill Bayer, UCB; Gregory Ellis, UV Systems; Edward Maguire, Energy Sciences; Jason Hart, Stochem; James Reese, DSM Desotech; Christopher Bradford, Elementis; Charles Cameron, Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Don Duncan, Wikoff Color; Ronald Golden; UCB Chemicals; Stephan Lapin, Northwest Coatings; Mike McGovern, Sun Chemical; and Robin Wright, 3M.

Visit RadTech at radtech.org.

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