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Creo Offers Affordable Prepress

BOSTON, MA, USA—Creo reports it's launched a line of Creo-certified, remanufactured prepress systems for the graphic arts industry. Creo Remanufactured Solutions include Trendsetter and Lotem platesetters; Dolev imagesetters; EverSmart scanners; Iris proofers; and Brisque and Prinergy workflow-management systems.

According to the prepress manufacturer, these trade-in systems are remanufactured on the original production line in the factory where they were first built. Original precision components, such as optics and drive assemblies, are replaced if required, and upgraded versions of electronics and driver boards are installed when necessary. Co. adds any worn parts are replaced, input and output cassettes are reconditioned, and the latest software versions are loaded. Finally, says Creo, the exterior housing of the Creo system is also touched up to restore the fresh look.

Creo says it employs an "acceptance test procedure," which is also used for new equipment; the procedure checks that the system meets the latest specifications of the original product, and when the system passes the test, it carries the Creo remanufactured quality seal. "Creo customers can be confident that their system has been…checked thoroughly and is ready for production with Creo quality and reliability," says product manager Eva Gez. Visit Creo at creo.com.

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