This Week's I-PRO Expo Cancelled

MIAMI BEACH, FL, USA—Due to cirumstances arising out of September 11th's tragic events, I-PRO Expo will cancel the venue, which was slated for this coming Thursday, October 4, and Friday, October 5, in Miami Beach, FL.

Event sponsor, the Process Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) reports it and the I-PRO management team conducted numerous conversations with exhibitors, attendees, media outlets, and service providers before deciding to cancel the event. According to the team, it cancelled the two-day expo because a number of prevailing conditions beyond its control, which include (but aren't limited to): international travel restrictions and federal embargoes on freight and passengers coming into the US.

The I-PRO Expo Show managements reports it will waive all conditions for reimbursement (as indicated in exhibitor contracts) and will credit exhibitors the full 100% of their current payment to any of the Powder family events, including I-PRO 2002 (scheduled for October 16 and 17), or INTERPHEX events. The show sponsor also notes exhibitors may opt for a full refund, and attendance and conference registration fees will be refunded as well.

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