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Business Development Advisory, Contract Market Research Announce Alliance

MARIETTA, GA | Business Development Advisory (BDA) and Contract Market Research (CMR) have established a strategic alliance to better serve packaging, paper, and specialty chemical clients. BDA, a US-based growth consulting firm focused on paper, paperboard, and packaging markets, provides a broad array of strategic consulting, market research, and advisory services to its industry-focused clients.

CMR, a US-based market research firm focused on specialty chemical and packaging markets, also provides a broad range of market research and marketing support services to its industry-focused clients. By providing both paper and chemical industry knowledge and expertise, the two companies will provide a more complete service offering to their clients who will benefit by having access to a broader range of support and information services.

As North American paper, specialty chemical, and packaging companies attempt to develop more integrated products and services and work more closely with suppliers and related companies to improve product offerings, many paper and specialty chemical companies are working on joint initiatives or focusing on the same end user markets. To facilitate these joint efforts and provide the needed market knowledge and expertise, both BDA and CMR anaticipte an opportunity to better serve their customers and help them make better decisions.

"Working closely with CMR will allow BDA to provide a chemical industry perspective in many of our projects that involve flexible packaging and chemical materials,” says DBA President Frank Perkowski. “I am not aware of any other company serving the paper and packaging segment that can offer the type of expertise that CMR can provide.”

“Many CMR clients are either suppliers or converters of technologies that compete with paper companies in a variety of end use markets,” says Sharon Derbyshire, CMR principal, “so BDA’s ability to provide more paper industry perspective and knowledge will be extremely valuable in many of our market research projects.”

For more information or to discuss a specific market research need, please contact either Sharon Derbyshire of CMR (919-931-1358; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Frank Perkowski of BDA (770-643-9081; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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