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POLAR receives 2008 PIA/GATF InterTechTechnology Award

HOFHEIM, GERMANY | Polar recently received a 2008 PIA/GATF Intertech Technology Award for its Automated Cutting Systems. In 1999, POLAR was awarded this same trophy for its Compucut system for linking-up prepress. This time, the future-oriented PACE automation process of POLAR’s cutting systems was honored.

Using the Autoturn turning gripper, the PACE system positions reams on the rear table and aligns them, which makes it capable of performing a four-side trim fully-automatically. The removal of cutting waste is also done automatically. In this way, the system either saves one operator by the conventional two-man operation or it doubles the efficiency of a system operated by one single person.

POLAR's PACE systems provide highly-efficient and innovative solutions for both printed and unprinted materials, which means an enormous potential for saving personnel costs while increasing productivity. The judges also saw this system’s innovative qualities.

Inaugurated in 1978 to foster awareness and understanding of advanced graphic arts technology, the PIA/GATF InterTech™ Technology Awards honor excellence in innovative technology for the graphic communications industry. Visit: www.polar-mohr.com.

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