Newly Topcoated Cothene Film Offers Superior Performance

New Britain, PA | LSH Materials, a div. of Hutchison Miller Sales Inc., has introduced a new topcoated version of its Cothene mono-layered polyolefin film that offers an alternative to vinyl and other films in the health and beauty market, among others. The new water-based topcoat is said to provide superior ink adhesion and greater rub resistance, allowing converters to deliver more vibrant and durable graphics.

20 Cothene is composed of a proprietary blend of resins that are specially formulated for a variety of pressure-sensitive applications, especially those requiring high quality graphics. Available in frosty clear or white, it is designed for "no-label look" applications and recyclable with polyolefin substrates.

"Our new topcoated Cothene offers an economical alternative to other topcoated substrates in a wide variety of applications," explains Rob Hutchison, president of Hutchison Miller Sales. "Its superior performance characteristics make it easier for printers and converters to deliver the high quality graphics and durability required by their customers."

Topcoated Cothene film, which can now be thermal-transfer printed, is available in thicknesses from 2-6 mils in widths up to 61 in. It can be supplied corona treated on one or both sides to a minimum dyne level of 40. The new proprietary aqueous topcoat is formulated to print using flexo, offset, and gravure print processes. Cothene can be easily die-cut and stripped on any web press using traditional film tooling.

Hutchison Miller Sales is a manufacturers' representative organization established 42 years ago to satisfy the paper, film, foil, and fabric requirements of a range of companies across the converting spectrum, representing such premier companies as Hazen Paper Co., LSH Materials Ltd., MonoSol, Jessup, MacDermid, Clarifoil, and more.

For more information, contact Hutchison Miller Sales at 800-489-6586, or 215-345-1824; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

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