Fibermark Rolls Out 'Naturally Creative' Campaign

BRATTLEBORO, VT | FiberMark, a producer of specialty papers and fiber-based materials for a variety of applications, has announced a new branding campaign to heighten awareness of the qualities of its products and company. The new campaign embraces “Naturally Creative” as its tagline, to reflect the company's commitment to design innovation and the environment, as well as to celebrate its heritage as a resource for creative professionals.

The “Naturally Creative” branding platform links FiberMark's materials to the natural world, where the company says it finds inspiration for its textures and colors. The positioning also underscores FiberMark's environmental sensitivity, which it says imbues all aspects of its business, from FSC certification of its products to the innovative green manufacturing processes used to produce them.

The scope of FiberMark's new brand identity is extensive, cutting across all of the company's collateral materials, including swatchbooks, email newsletters and announcements, advertisements, brochure, and internal documents such as presentations, stationary and employee newsletters, the company reports. Fibermark's annual specifier awards have also been adapted to reflect the “Naturally Creative” brand. Visit:

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