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German Rubber & Plastics Recovery Mixed in 2002

FRANKFURT, GERMAN—According to the Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association of Germany (VDMA), the worldwide weak economy is impacting the plastics and rubber industries there. Says the association, "Recovery, which [was] expected to come in 2002, has to be postponed until next year."

In a recent press release, VDMA states:

After the trough [was] overcome in early 2002, new orders for German plastics and rubber machinery visibly increased during the months that followed. In the course of the year, though, the hoped-for, unambiguous upswing did not happen; new orders still continue to fluctuate every month.
For the period of January to August 2002, new orders were down 5 percent (domestic orders: -13 percent; export orders: -1percent) compared to the same time in 2001.
As expected, production and sales this year are affected by the diminishing incoming orders (last year) substantially. At this point in time, the association's estimates for production (-12 percent and new orders (at last year's level) still seem to be realistic.

Learn more about VDMA at kug.vdma.org (plastics-rubber-machinery.info).

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