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Data Sheet for Circuit Board Digital Interface

GORHAM, ME | The Montalvo Corp. is offering a free data sheet for its new digital interface, the MDI-1, for its CB-64 circuit board. The interface connects to the circuit board with a CAT5e cable and provides remote access to the functions of the CB-64. The CB-64 powers dancer, load cell, and combination tension controllers manufactured by Montalvo. It can be configured to operate unwind, rewind, and intermediate tension zone processes.

The MDI-1 features simple installation, single wire connection, versatile mounting hardware options, allows remote access, and can be located up to 50 ft from the controllers for the convenience of machine operators.

The Montalvo Corporation specializes in the analyzing, upgrading and servicing of customerĀ¹s web control equipment. For more information, or to obtain a free MDI-1 data sheet, contact Montalvo at 800/226-8710, or visit their web site.

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