IP Updates Pocket Pal: New Edition Features Digital Info.

MEMPHIS, TN, USA—International Paper announces the release of the 19th edition of Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Handbook, "the company's authoritative introduction to the graphic arts for many artists, designers, publishers, advertisers, students and buyers of printing," says IP. "Acclaimed by many as the best publication of its type, Pocket Pal is now in its 19th edition, as International Paper has continued to strive to keep its content current and accurate."

IP adds, "At the time of Pocket Pal's first edition, the term 'printing' meant 'letterpress,' and lithography and gravure were fledgling processes. Now the word 'printing' encompasses not only all the graphic arts, but also all the graphic communications, digital imaging, and printing processes that output hard copy."

Printing industry guru Frank Romano, of the Print Media school at RIT, is the editor of the 19th edition, reports IP. "This edition attempts to put conventional and digital printing into proper perspective and show what impact the new systems are having on the present and future uses and markets of printing," he says. "It covers the history of printing, an introduction to the printing processes, prepress, postpress, and paper. It also has a glossary of graphic arts terms, making it an ideal promotional item for a wide range of customers," Romano adds.

According to IP, some of the topics covered in Pocket Pal, 19th ed.:

  • digital imaging
  • computer-to-plate, computer-to-plate on press and computer-to-press systems
  • digital workflows
  • new processless plates and UV and violet lasers that allow use of conventional plates
  • information on toners and digital inks
  • color management
  • binding
  • graphic terms
  • IP printing paper products overview
IP says 1 to 24 copies are available for $14.00 US each; 25 to 49 copies for $12.50 US (each); 50 to 99 copies for $11.50 US (each); and 100 or more for $10.50 US (each). Get more information and order IP's Pocket at ippocketpal.com.

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