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Popular PIA/GATFPress Title On Production Maintenance Receives Update

PITTSBURG, PA | PIA/GATFPress has released the latest edition of Total Production Maintenance: A Guide for the Printing Industry, “in order to help printers realize their full potential,” according to the association. This third edition of Total Production Maintenance, by Kenneth E. Rizzo, contains updated and additional material, particularly in the area of lean manufacturing as it applies to graphic arts processes.

Other topics include: total productive maintenance, equipment maintenance, prepress maintenance, statistical process control, and Six Sigma tools, recognizing production workflow bottlenecks, best practices for lean printing, quality assurance of print materials, TPM analysis: the press, process control, and quick-response makeready.

Most printers have realized they must achieve the very best their processes can produce in quality and productivity to stay competitive. That means optimizing and maintaining all components of the process, the association reports.

The checklists and resources are considered a valuable aspect of this reference book, which also includes instructions to access maintenance, calibration, and process control checklists, both blank and as templates, which PIA/GATF uses for its own TPM program.

Total Production Maintenance, Third Edition (Item #15433) is available for $99; $75 for PIA/GATF. For ordering information and a list of PIA/GATFPress’s nearly 200 publications, visit www.gain.net

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