'TRACELESS' System Demonstrates Anticounterfeiting Solutions at INTERPHEX 2008

Rochester, NY | The KODAK TRACELESS System for anticounterfeiting uses forensically undetectable markers that can be placed into printed materials or product packaging, allowing pharmaceutical companies to distinguish dangerous fakes from genuine medications. The markers can only be detected using secure, handheld KODAK readers. TRACELESS markers can be mixed with various inks, toners, varnishes, and other items for analog and digital printing, as well as paper pulp, plastics, powders, pigments, liquids and textiles. The TRACELESS markers can be added to a bar code printed via common printing methods, such as thermal transfer, to combine the traceability of the bar code with highly secure covert authentication-at a much lower cost than other technologies such as RFID. Can also be a powerful component of an ePedigree system. To learn more, visit www.kodak.com or 800-22-KODAK.

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