Westvaco Launches Forte for Folding Cartons, "A Mini-Flute Alternative"

STAMFORD, CT, USA—A webcast and conference call provided the venue for Westvaco's Forte substrate launch Wednesday morning. The co. says the new packaging substrate (for folding carton applications) offers converters a superior, high-value alternative to mini-flute board for the construction of small- and medium-sized packaging.

According to Westvaco, Forte is a 36-pt solid fiber board that provides compression strength equal to, or greater than, F, G, and N mini-flute board. It's said to combine an extremely smooth and bright (GE 85) coated facing stock with a virgin kraft board that, ultimately, will deliver brilliant graphic reproduction without washboarding, co. adds. The mfr. says Forte supports such demanding production techniques as embossing and foil stamping.

During Wednesday's conference, Tony Rozmes, Westvaco's market segment manager, identified some of the production advantages in using Forte. "From an operational standpoint, Forte is a stable, flat board, which allows for increased press and die-cutting speeds. It also reduces rejects, and it runs like a solid-fiber board converters are used to running day in and day out. It also offers lower waste."

Rozmes cited additional operational benefits of the Westvaco's mini-flute alternative. "Forte’s shelf life offers production-scheduling and warehouse flexibility. Its stability allows unused product to be saved for future production, and it also allows for the product to be put into the production-planning process with more regularity. For example, we’ve been told by some customers that oftentimes they have to run mini-flute product as it comes in the door, rather than fitting it in their normal process. Other efficiencies can be realized as well, for example: reduced make-ready times. Customers have told us they can save about an hour with Forte." For a Forte product demo, log on to www.fortepaper.com.

Dudley Hager, vp, business strategy for Westvaco's packaging resource group, sums up Forte's advantages: "Until now, it's been very difficult for traditional folding-carton manufacturers to supply corrugated cartons that meet the graphic structural and cost characteristics that consumer product manufacturers require in their packaging."

Westvaco reports Forte is available immediately and is backed by a number of value-added services, including short lead-time and rapid-delivery programs. Questions? Send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact Tony Rozmes at 843/745-3051 or market-value systems manager Mike Dimick at 804/327-6419.

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