Labeling Markets South American Market Study & Sourcebook 2007

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. publishes “Labeling Markets: South American Market Study & Soucebook 2007," providing a market overview and opportunities for labelstock producers, material suppliers, and all companies involved in the product decoration and identification market. "Labeling Markets: South American Market Study & Sourcebook 2007" focuses on materials used in the production of labels of all types, and on the end-use markets and market trends. The major labeling technologies are described in detail, with AWA value chain diagrams provided for the leading pressure-sensitive and glue applied label formats. Market sizes and forecasts refer to South American production and supply side output.

A key element in the research for this study was comprehensive field research in South America, which entailed discussions, interviews, and meetings with the primary raw material suppliers, the leading printers, and end users. See

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