Wireless Data Logger 30-Day Trial

ADDISON, IL | Dickonson's Wireless Wizard data logger not is available to converters and packagers monitoring plant and inventory temperature and humidity in a 30-day trial offer. Wireless Wizard data loggers can be monitored in real-time from desktop workstation and eliminates the delays for data downloading and cabling of other temperature and humidity data logger technology.

Special features include:

  • Real-time alarms of out-of-range conditions right at users’ workstations.
  • Up to nine-day backup storage with failsafe Dickson Data-Keep.
  • If data transmission is blocked, the transmitter stores data for up to nine days and alerts users immediately at their desktop to re-test and re-establish network conditions.
  • Easy setup and network monitoring with Wizard Signal Sensor.
See dicksondata.com.

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