Folding Technique Training

Heidelberg will host training classes on basic and advanced folding techniques this February at Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, MN. Not limited to Heidelberg customers, the classes are open to the public and will be conducted on an automated Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 66 folder to assist operators of small and mid-size businesses in building their knowledge and skills.

Operators that have little to no experience on folding equipment may attend the basic folding techniques class, which offers practical folding techniques and practices for high-quality results. The advanced folding techniques class will focus on high-level folding practices, including gatefolding, map folding, and other specialty folds.

Classes are slated on February 5-6 and February 7-8 for Basic Folding Techniques, including: folding principles and techniques, practical folding, fold roller and buckle plate settings, scoring, perforating and trimming.

Advanced Folding Techniques are scheduled for February 11-12 and February 14-15, covering folding techniques, specialty folds, gatefolding, scoring, perforating, trimming and map folding.

To register or for more information, call 800-394-4872 or visit Heidelberg on the web and click on "Print Media Academy."

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