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Stand-Up Pouches 2002 to Feature Expanded Tech Exhibit

WEST CHESTER, PA, USA—If you're interested in emerging pouch packaging technologies and the overall state of the pouch market, then Stand-Up Pouches 2002 is an event you'll want to attend next month. Slated for June 10-11, 2002, at the Renaissance Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL, the event will feature an expanded pouch technology exhibition as well as a new pouch matchmaker program, says event organizer, Packaging Strategies.

Stand-Up 2002 attendees, reports Packaging Strategies, will: gain insight on global thrusts in technologies and applications that reflect end-user, merchandiser, and consumer desires for innovation, shelf appeal, and convenience. In addition, attendees will discover why retort, particularly for food service, is the new "hot growth" pouch segment; learn the "real deal" behind the promise of true high-speed production and filling; find out how pouch production economics compare against carton applications, bag-in-box, plastic bottles, and the drivers behind narrowing the cost gap; and have the opportunity to hear from industry experts offering perspectives on which pouch format poses the greatest threat to Doyen's dominance.

Following is the event line-up for Stand-Up Pouches 2002:

  • Monday, June 10
  • 8:30 am—Global Thrusts in Emerging Pouch Technologies, Applications, and Attitudes, Building a Better "Pouch-Trap"
  • 9:15 am—Bridging the Cost/Performance Gap, A Critical Comparative Cost Analysis, Part I
  • 10:45 am—Bridging the Cost/Performance Gap, A Critical Comparative Cost Analysis, Part II
  • 1:30 pm—Retort Report, Market, Economics, and Technologies: Is the Timing Finally Right for Retort Pouches?
  • 4:00 pm—End-User/Retailer Perceptions Panel, Leaps of Calculated Faith
  • 5:30 to 7:30 pm—Global Pouch Technology Exhibition
    (focused display of pouch technologies, applications, and production concepts by nearly 40 suppliers from around the world)
  • Tuesday, June 11, 2002
  • 8:00 am—Great Expectations, High-Speed Production: Hurdles and Paths to Commercialization, An Industry Exclusive Presentation and Global Expectations: Components & Materials
  • 10:30 am—Automation & Robotics, What's Next, What's the Return on Automated Pouch Production Systems & End-of-line Operations
  • Opening and Closing Arguments, Applying Next-Generation Opening, Dispensing, and Closing Technologies to Tomorrow's Pouch Constructions

Stand-Up Pouches 2002 registration information is available at 800/524-PACK (7225) or 610/436-4220 (if outside US or Canada). Online registration is possible at packstrat.com.

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