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Pack Expo LV Venue for New Toray Films

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2003, October 13 - 15
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA
pmmi.org; packexpo.com.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI, USA—Toray Plastics (America) Inc. says it will showcase "innovative packaging films that create excitement on retail shelves" at the upcoming Pack Expo Las Vegas. The manufacturer's press release states it will launch new holographic and clear barrier technologies, including:

  • Holographic Films for Flexible Packaging
    Toray will present a new stand-up pouch application for its award-winning, directly embossable holographic LumBrite film. The new stand-up structure allows flexible packagers to use holographic film for decorative effect that delivers tremendous impact at point-of-sale. The pouch features a cost-effective two-layer structure that simplifies the converting process and facilitates short runs by creating more flexibility in the packaging process. To demonstrate LumBrite's seamless integration with print-to-register and surface print technology, the new pouch will feature a customized hologram, delivering both point-of-purchase pop and brand protection.
  • Clear Barrier Film
    Toray also will launch Barrialox, an innovative clear, metallized film that provides oxygen and moisture barrier protection without sacrificing the visual marketing power of transparent packaging and product visibility. Barrialox helps enhance brand appeal by simultaneously maintaining product freshness and creating a natural showcase.

Visit Toray at torayfilms.com.

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