MAN Roland Survey Says Printers Looking to Invest

WESTMONT, IL--"Despite the economic slowdown, printers realize their best investment right now is in advanced technology," says Man Roland. According to the press manufacturer's onsite survey conducted at Print 01 last month, an overwhelming majority of booth visitors reported they are ready to move into the next phase of the press-buying cycle.

The poll's results reveal 35 percent (of approximately 2000 printers polled) said they would like to hear from a Man Roland rep within 30 days of the show, while an additional 24.3 percent requested to be contacted within 60 days.

When Man Roland asked printers what capabilities were most important in any press they were considering, the co. says more than a third of the respondents identified production speed. "That finding puts a different perspective on the conventional wisdom within the industry, which says that makeready automation, rather than press speed, is at the top of a buyer's wish list," says Christian Cerfontaine, the Man Roland director who designed the survey. "Automation had a surprising second-place finish in our poll, with 23.2 percent of the printers selecting it as their top choice."

Survey results also indicated printers are in the market for longer presses for value-added features, says the co. Five to six color jobs topped the polled printers' list, with a smaller percentage saying they're ready to move into work that calls for seven color or more. In addition, a question on job volume had medium run lengths (5,000 to 25,000 sheets) grabbing the number one slot, and short run lengths of 5,000 sheets or less placing second. Runs greater than 25,000 sheets, says the mfr., ranked third in the survey's tally.

Survey respondent profiles indicated the Man Roland exhibit attracted decision-makers from a wide range of printing companies. According to the co., over 56 percent described themselves as commercial printers, 13.6 are package printers, 10 percent are publication specialists, and 5.5 percent said labels is their main product.

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