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Gidue to Launch Unipro Packaging Press at Drupa; OEM Also to Showcase Other Converting Machinery

WITNEY, UK—Gidue reports among the printing and converting industry-related wares it will be showcasing at Drupa is "the world’s first 730mm wide, in-line, mid-web packaging press." Says the OEM, "[Drupa will be the] official European launch of the Unipro, and it will be demonstrated as a full packaging press using print cylinder sleeve technology."

Gidue reports the following of its new Unipro:

The Unipro prints and convert virtually any kind of substrate from PE, BOPP, PET to paper, aluminium and laminates and up to 450gsm carton board without changing configuration for total flexibility in packaging.

The printing head featured on the Unipro is an enhanced version of the unique Gidue Flower flexographic printing head with two new added design concepts, the Uni-Lock for non-reversible printing and the Spider wash cycle for full automatic print unit wash up. The integrated Spider cycle reduces press downtime with wash-up performed off-line without stress to the operator.

The Uni-Lock is optimized for larger format printing cylinders and the high performance demands of mid-web printing. The unique “non-reversible” design of the Uni-Lock clamps the print cylinder within the press frames where it becomes an integral part of the print unit. Any press vibrations are totally absorbed within the Uni-Lock print head. The Uni-Lock concept permits the use of both solid cylinders or printing sleeves. Sleeves of any diameter can be inserted into the Spider head and are immediately print ready. Plate pressure and register and pre-register control are pre-set for reduced set-up and consistent print quality irrespective of printing skills.

The latest version of the E-Combat shaftless press, equipped with new Gidue's IML-EDL delivery system for in-mold labels, also will be featured at the OEM's Drupa booth. Gidue reports the following about E-Combat:

The press design uses servo-driven controls for all press functions and is available in web widths of 280mm (11 in.) 370mm (14.5 in.) 430mm (17 in.) and 530 mm (21 in.).

With the benefit of electronic drives the E-Combat design enables the customer to print and convert substrates ranging from 15 micron film to 350 grams per square meter carton board without changing the mechanical configuration of the press. The IML-EDL delivery system is equipped with a batch counting and final long “buffer” delivery table where the stacked piles of in-mold labels printed face up can be collected easily.

Gidue's New Flexo Standards
Details of the new Standards for Flexo Auto-Certification program—developed by Gidue in cooperation with and certified by the University of Wales Printing & Coating, Swansea—also will be available at Drupa. "The company anticipates showing visitors an array of new and exciting converting developments currently in the pipeline," states Gidue.

Upgrade Your Package Printing with Holograms
In addition to printing machinery, Gidue plans to demonstrate its HHS hologram-deposition system, which the manufacturer says is designed to run with almost all makes of printing and converting machines. Gidue reports the following about its HHS hologram-deposition system:

The HHS offers the converter the opportunity to upgrade existing machinery with a system for adding both foils and holograms to cartons, labels, and packaging stocks. The unit is designed for simple integration onto both rotary and intermittent printing systems. A fully servo-driven concept allows for speeds up to 100 m/min. The incorporation of servomotors in combination with spring free, lightweight, and strong mechanical construction (use of carbon fiber), provides versatility and at the same time reduces maintenance.

Set up time for the HHS is greatly reduced by a job and program memory [module]. This memory enables simple and accurate reproduction of a printing job without any manual adjustment.

On each individual HHS application head, multiple lines of holograms and foils can be positioned with each having variable graphic configuration. The foil-saving mechanism on the HHS enables optimum use of foil, significantly reducing foil waste. The basic unit consists of the HHS base frame with a control panel and console, plus installation adapters specific for each press model. The cassette system includes an unwind and rewind unit, one foil transport, and a dancer cassette along with a power gain rack for the console. The cassette systems are available in widths of 40/60/100/150 mm, allowing the appropriate width to be used for each application, providing further material savings.

Learn more about Gidue at gidue.com.

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