CM Acquisitions LLC to Acquire American Roller Co.

BANNOCKBURN, IL, USA—CM Acquisitions LLC, a Chicago, IL-based private equity firm, announced earlier this month it's agreed to acquire American Roller Co. The sale is effective as of the close of business on December 28, 2001.

"We're investing in American Roller because we feel there's potential for high return," says Chuck Tasch, principal at CM Acquisitions. "The company is a technology leader in the roller industry, and we intend to build on that. We also intend to maintain American Roller's well-earned reputation of providing the highest quality products and services to the company's customers," he adds.

According to the CM Acquisitions, American Roller has been held privately by the Ditzler family since its founding in 1938. Bob Ditzler, current co. president, becomes a board member of the new organization, the buyer reports.

"Selling the company was a very difficult decision to make," says Ditzler. "But, ultimately, we felt that bringing in investors was the best decision to keep the company moving forward."

American Roller Company's corporate office is located at 2223 Lakeside Dr., Bannockburn, IL 60015; ph: 847/295-6750.

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