Mamata Develops the Vega 800 F with HP Teknik; 'Flower Sleeve' Bag Machine

AHMEDABAD, INDIA—Mamata Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India-based manufacturer of servo-driven, universal bag makers, wicketers, and pouch makers, reports it will showcase its "All Servo Flower Sleeve" machine, the Vega 800 F. According to Mamata, the machine was developed jointly with Denmark-based HP Teknik.

Mamata's latest development, the Vega 800 F's capabilities will be demonstrated at an open house (October 29 - 31, 2003). "We have invited various clients who [would have] interest in the machine," states Sanjay Amin, assistant manager of exports at Mamata.

The manufacturers say the Vega 800 F is designed to produce flower sleeves/bags and candy bags, even conical-shaped bags for various applications, for supermarkets. "In bagmaking or flower sleeve production," explains Mamata, "the film is fed in a continuous motion; however, in the latter half, the film needs an intermittent start-stop motion [due to the fact that] a few of the operations [require] the film to be 'standing still.' Hence, the dynamics of the machine require very precise control."

Mamata says the Vega 800 F offers the control required. "The machine is twin track, and at every stroke, produces two bags—running at a [maximum speed of 240 bags per minute]," reports co. The Vega 800 F also is equipped with servo tension controls, edge guides, a motorized roll-lifting mechanism, all of which the mfr. says ensures uniform tension and an accurate web path alignments.

For information about the Vega 800 F's maximum and minimum bag-production capabilities, as well as the open house slated for Wednesday through Friday of this week, contact Mamata Machinery at +91 79 5832023 (tel); +91 79 5832026 (fax); or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit Mamata at

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