Custom Folding Carton Converter Curtis Packaging Installs Second KBA Press

SANDY HOOK, CT, USA—Folding carton converter and packaging designer Curtis Packaging reports it has installed a new all-UV 10-station 51-in. KBA Rapida press equipped with a dispersion coater. According to Curtis, this Rapida press "is a first of its kind in North America and is designed to print spot colors and metallics more attractively and effectively."

In addition, says Curtis, the new system includes extensive dispersion coating and drying capabilities that enable the converter to execute metallic colors, such as gold, silver, platinum, or bronze, [which can be] added at the start of the process or during the press operation." Adds the manufacturer, "When used in the proper application, the Rapida dispersion coater is a more cost-effective alternative than foil."

According to Curtis, with a top-rated speed of 15,000 sheets per hour, the press includes eight printing stations as well as the ability to print four-color process and four-color specialty colors in one pass. "The press is also an outstanding short-run performer as controlled make-readies can be moved from job-to-job in a matter of minutes."

Curtis now has two 51-in. all-UV KBA presses (seven and eight colors). Both presses are available to be fingerprinted and plated for all printing projects, adds the converter.

States Curtis Packaging's chairman/CEO Donald Droppo, “Using the most advanced systems and technologies available to make our customers more successful has always been the cornerstone of our success. Installing another KBA press will keep us way ahead of the technology curve in terms of print quality, automation, and productivity.”

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