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Bobst Group's Acquisition of Valmet Expands OEM's Position in Flexible Materials/Packaging Markets

ROSELAND, NJ, USA—The completion of Bobst Group's lengthy acquisition process of Valmet Converting's operations (which were formerly part of Metso Corp.) was announced earlier this year and discussed in a Bobst press conference this morning by the Switzerland-based equipment manufacturer.

With this acquisition, the well-established world-leading brand names of Atlas, General, Midi, Titan, and Rotomec join the Bobst Group," says Bobst . "Together, with Schiavi and our other brands in folding carton and corrugated board, we are continuing to strengthen the world’s largest manufacturer of converting equipment," states the OEM, which adds it now provides equipment for the "widest range of materials and processes as well as complete solutions for flexible materials producers [and flexible packaging] converters."

The company continues: "The significance of this to our customers will be apparent in multiple ways. We will be able to raise levels of customer support and service, provide increased research and development, and realize a substantial degree of synergy by combining the strengths of the Atlas, General, Midi, Titan, and Rotomec products with the innovation and resources of the Bobst Group. At a time when single-source responsibility is growing in importance, we feel that the market will welcome this change."

A Wide-Ranging Family
To increase knowledge and understanding of the newest products in the Bobst family, Bobst provides the following information about Valmet's converting product line-up:

  • Atlas

    : A global supplier of slitters and rewinders for plastic film, paper, and label stock.

  • Titan

    : A major supplier of manual and fully automated slitters and rewinders for flexible materials' converters.

  • Midi

    : Manufacturer of slitters and separators for aluminum foil.

  • General

    : A major global supplier of vacuum web coating and metallizing solutions.

  • Rotomec

    : Along with Bobst's Schiavi, Rotomec provides world-leading technologies in gravure printing, flexo printing, as well as coating and laminating processes.

"With this depth of offerings, we will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment, training, and in-depth technical support," adds Bobst.

Bobst Group USA's flexible materials division will maintain a North American sales and service network from two locations:

Bobst Group USA
8041G Arrrowridge Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28273
704/587-2450; 704/587-2318 (fax)

Bobst Group USA
146 Harrison Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068
888/226-8800; 973/226-8000; 973/226-8625 (fax)

Visit Bobst at bobstgroup.com.

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