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tesa tape Saves Big Bucks with ei3

MIDDLETOWN, NY -- ei3 Corp. says by investing in its online-engineering and web-enabled productivity software tools, tesa tape will save approximately $1 million (US) annually. According to ei3, "tesa…needed to optimize its masking tape production at its Middletown, NY, facility. To achieve this strategic goal, [the co.] began working with ei3 Corp." The result, says ei3: "a cost savings of one million dollars a year, the achievement of 97 percent service delivery, and tesa tape's transformation from a high-capacity manufacturer to a 'just-in-time' plant," adds software mfr.

Says Michael Marvin, plant manager at tesa: "Deployment of ei3's productivity tools has enabled us to improve every aspect of our masking tape manufacturing process dramatically." According to ei3, Marvin selected the software supplier to help upgrade tesa's process line equipment and deploy a system to monitor, report, alert, and store data from key process line metrics. Marvin adds, "The ability to identify and resolve process line problems quickly and easily gives tesa engineers more time to pursue proactive, revenue-generating projects."

More information about ei3 can be found at ei3.com.

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