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Shear Slitting Fundamentals and More Available via Tidland's Free Bladerunner Seminar February 19, 2004

CAMAS, WA, USA—Tidland says converters can learn the fundamentals, as well as about the latest developments, of shear slitting processes in its February 19, 2004, seminar. Part of the manufacturer's Bladerunner Seminar series, the hour-long, FREE seminar will be presented by Tidland's industry expert Reinhold Schable.

According to the Maxcess Intl. company, this shear slitting seminar's content has been reworked and condensed to deliver pertinent information online for the first time. Among the topics Schable will address on February 19 include:

  • Blade Sharpness: The Key to Clean, Accurate Slitting

    How do blades dull?
    How is dust formed?

  • Blade Profile: Making Sense of a Confusing Subject

    With so many profiles to choose from, which is best?

  • Cant Angles

    How much angle is needed, and how is it controlled?

  • Blade Overlap: A Critical Factor in Good Slitting

    How is the overlap set?

  • Driving the Slitter System

    slitter speed, web speed

To register for this Tidland Bladerunner Shear Slitting Seminar, go to http://www.maxcessintl.com/eseminar.htm. Visit Tidland at maxcessintl.com/default_tidland.asp.

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