C.A. Litzler Offers New Dryer

CLEVELAND, OH--As a result of C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.'s acquisition of Thermovation Engineering ( a custom designer of infrared ovens) and a combination of both companies' technologies, Litzler introduces the ThermoDry™. According to the co., the infrared pre-dryers are designed to solve various drying problems of the paper, film, and foil industry specifically; mfr. says these pre-dryers quickly increase web temperatures for faster line speeds.

"Litzler recognizes no single heating technology is perfect for every application," says the co." ThermoDry dryers use a combination of infrared and convection technologies, "providing the best of both worlds," the co. adds. "The use of two technologies delivers more effective and and efficient heat transfer, while increasing productivity and quality at reduced operating costs."

Visit C.A. Litzler on the web at www.calitzler.com.

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