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DuPont Proofing & Cyrel Distribution Ctr. Opens in NY Metro Area

PARLIN, NJ, USA—DuPont Imaging Technologies reports it's opened a new warehouse and distribution center in Parlin, NJ, for DuPont Color Proofing and DuPont Cyrel packaging graphics products. According to the mfr., the 125,000-sq-ft facility allows DuPont to centralize its warehouse and distribution activities in a "state-of-the-art" building adjacent to the manufacturing site where many of the products are produced. The co. adds it expects improved workflow and enhanced efficiency, as a result of the new distribution center, in delivering products to customers.

Paul Berg, plant manager at Parlin, reports: "This center is the next stage in our long history of supporting the growth businesses that reside on our site. Our location within the New York City metropolitan area, with close proximity to major airports, docks, and roads, will facilitate quick shipments and on-time deliveries, as well as improve interaction among plant, warehouse, and distribution professionals that work next to each other."

DuPont says, in addition to its prime location, the new facility also contains the latest indoor environmental and temperature controls to ensure high product quality and high-rise storage, all managed by new computer inventory and tracking technology for quick, accurate ordering and response, co. adds. DuPont Color Proofing produces products for digital, film, and new high-quality inkjet proofing platforms, including Cromalin, CromaPro, XP, Dylux, and WaterProof. Cyrel packaging graphics products are used in conventional and digital flexographic printing. Products include Cyrel printing plates, equipment, and accessories; Cyrel Digital; Cyrel FAST; and Cyrel Round.

Visit DuPont at dupont.com.

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