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Lithotype Adds 8-Color Capability for Flexible Packaging

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA—Lithotype Company announces the installation of a new Sanden eight-color printing press. "As part of [our] ongoing program to offer customers the industry's best flexible package printing, the Sanden press enables [us] to offer state-of-the-art eight-color printing with inline electron beam (EB) coating capabilities," states Lithotype.

According to the converter, its new Sanden press features the latest, advanced EB technology for curing inks and coatings. "EB coating rapidly is becoming the standard technology in the food packaging industry for printing, coating, and laminating," reports Lithotype. "With the Sanden press, we can now offer customers the latest and most advanced version of EB coating technology, providing optimum adhesion, durability, and virtually instant curing," co. adds.

Adds the manfacturer of offset-printed flexible packaging for the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries, "With the new press, Lithotype now can print using up to eight colors. This gives customers and their designers a new level of creative freedom in package design, enabling unique color combinations that were difficult, costly, or virtually impossible before. For instance, customers now can have designs that use the standard four-color printing process and special PMS colors all on the same package. This is an important advantage since many companies use special PMS colors for their company logos and unique corporate and product colors."

Visit Lithotype at lithotype.com. Learn more about Sanden's web offset products at weboffset.com/Sanden.

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