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Rexam Healthcare Flexibles Invests in Pouchmaking

MUNDELEIN, IL, USA—Rexam Healthcare Flexibles reports new "state-of-the-art" pouch manufacturing capacity in its US Midwestern plant. According to Rexam, the "installment of two new…pouch machines in a newly constructed 'white room' dedicated to pouchmaking [in our Mundelein, IL, plant]…isolates [the process] within a positive air-pressure environment. Materials are brought in through an airlock system, and an external filtering system cleans the air flow into the 'white' room," adds the manufacturer.

"These investments address trends in industry requirements for reduced contamination, smaller order sizes, quicker lead times, and lower costs," states Mike Oberkirch, marketing director for pouches at Rexam Healthcare.

The co. says the new pouch machines are sixth-generation proven technology, "developed within Rexam utilizing state-of-the-art process control and designed for quick changeovers." Adds Tom Haney, VP of manufacturing, "The investment will result in a 25-percent capacity increase in pouchmaking in our Mundelein facility and provide greater efficiencies for manufacturing both large and small order sizes." In addition to pouch manufacturing in the Chicago suburb of Mundelein, Rexam makes pouches in France, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Rexam Healthcare Flexibles is part of Rexam PLC, reportedly the fourth largest consumer packaging company in the world. Visit rexam.com/flexibles for more information.

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