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High Definition Flexo Consortium Directors Close the Non-Profit Group

DAYTON, OH, USA—The board of directors of the High Definition Flexo Consortium (HDFC) reports the close of the non-profit organization as of May 15, 2002. Formed in 1999 with the mission of accelerating flexography's increasing share of the global printing market, HDFC says the group is closing down to the difficult economic situation. "Unfortunately," reports HDFC, "generating revenues to keep the organization's marketing effort moving forward became increasingly difficult during the downturn of the economy, as companies focused on reducing their costs and recruitment of new members slowed as a result."

According to HDFC, during its three years in operation, the group increased flexography's exposure as an increasingly competitive (with traditional high-quality print methods of gravure and offset) printing methodology. "Through these efforts," adds HDFC, "tens of thousands of print buyers from around the world got a glimpse of the high-quality print that today's flexo can achieve."

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