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GAMIS Funds Proofing and Printing Sales Studies for 2003

ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA —GAMIS, the Graphics Arts Marketing Information Service of the Printing Industries of America, Inc. (gain.net) announces it has commissioned three 2003 studies for completion that may provide converters and package printers with valuable color trend and sales information. According to GAMIS, the studies are entitled:

  • Color Proofing Markets
  • Printer Sales: Breakdowns, Trends and Analysis and
  • Market for New Lithographic Presses
The b>Color Proofing Markets study will be conducted by Nima Hunter, Inc., New York, NY, and says GAMIS, "will provide an analysis of key issues related to the major types of proofing for [package printers as well as] agencies, publishers, trade shops, insert, publication, [and newspaper.] It will discuss change dynamics, growth potential, drivers for new proofing technologies, adoption of color management, color management, soft proofing, interactive collaboration technologies and relevant standards." The target date for completion is June 2003.

Printer Sales: Breakdowns, Trends and Analysis research study will be done in collaboration between PIA and GAMIS with analysis of the data collected coming from Kubas Consultants, Toronto, Canada. "This benchmark study," reports GAMIS, " will measure and break it down by print and non-print services or products. It will also analyze non-print versus print services by type of printers (size as well as primary market) and assess trends and impacts for the future. It is anticipated this research will be repeated every two to three years to track changes and pinpoint trends accurately." GAMIS adds this research will be completed by mid-year 2003.

b>Market for New Lithographic Presses will be completed by GAMIS by TrendWatch Graphics Arts, NY, NY. GAMIS reports, "This research will provide an understanding of why, when, and how the decision to purchase new press equipment is made. The research will be segmented by commercial, newspaper, packaging, and publishing, and it will investigate the installed base, press utilization, drivers and barriers for replacing presses, used versus new equipment, and much more." Targeted completion date is March 2003.

Additional information about each of the future studies is available from at gamis.org.

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