CIP4 Tech Groups to Further JDF


DARMSTADT, GERMANY—The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) reports several new technical development groups as work begins to further expand the Job Definition Format (JDF). According to the organization, JDF is an upcoming industry standard designed to simplify information exchange between different applications and systems in and around the graphic arts industry.

A new working group, headed by Koen van de Poel of Agfa, "Origination and Prepress," provides a forum for resolving issues arising in all the stages of a print workflow before the jobs reach the press. CIP4 says this group includes two task forces, "Preflight" and "Asset Transfer." The Preflight task force, chaired by Markzware’s David Dilling, will define how the validation of graphical content files (against requirements and against the capabilities of a print company) can be controlled in a JDF-based workflow.

David van Driessche, Director of Software Development for Enfocus Software, says "It’s a great idea to extend JDF’s reach into the preflight arena. After all, correctly preparing a job is inherently linked to the characteristics of the final output process, and JDF is tying all of this together."

The second task force is chaired by Israel Viente of Vio Worldwide; "Asset Transfer," will work to extend the existing art delivery process definitions in the JDF specification for delivery and exchange of digital assets.

CIP4 says another work group, the "System Behavior and Interoperability" group, clarifies the interaction between components of a JDF workflow. "This will provide a strong and stable foundation to enable open, multi-vendor system integration," adds the international organization.

"The formation of these new teams demonstrates CIP4 will be delivering on its promises to enable end-to-end workflows based on open systems integration," states CIP4 CEO Martin Bailey of Global Graphics Software.

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