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DuPont Expands Packaging Website

WILMINGTON, DE, USA—According to DuPont, the company has unveiled its newly expanded website for the packaging industry. "[This] is an important step toward fully meeting the information needs of plastic film producers, packaging manufacturers, packaged goods companies, and even consumers.

DuPont says the site features packaging (described and illustrated) for a wide spectrum of applications including: cosmetics, meat, cheese, dry foods, snacks, hardware, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products. "Modern multi-layer structures reflecting the innovative strength of the packaging industry are featured as well. It's also possible to print out material safety data sheets for the DuPont portfolio of packaging resins and modifiers," adds DuPont.

"With the click of a mouse, visitors to [the site] now can find information on the complete range of services provided by DuPont for the packaging industry, everything from packaging resins to decorative processes such as holography to quality assurance," says Heide Rowan, DuPont Packaging's brand programs manager. "[It] reflects the DuPont commitment to combining 'out of the box' product innovations, packaging technologies and processes, along with customer-centered packaging solutions, that leverage DuPont capabilities and resources as never before."

Check out DuPont's expanded packaging industry site at dupont.com/packaging.

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