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Honeywell Launches Site for Plastic Info... at Users' Fingertips

MORRISTOWN, NJ - Honeywell Plastics reports its updated website offers several significant additions, which gives customers access to pertinent Honeywell plastic information -- literally at their fingertips. Says the co. of its improved portal: "Drawing upon Honeywell's corporate digitization process, the updated plastics website improves the efficiency of how the company and its customers communicate and work together."

According to Honeywell, its site provides a wide range of information about the its Capron nylon resins; Aegis barrier resins; Petra thermoplastic polyester resins; and Nypel recycled and nylon resins. The company adds it currently offers more than 500 grades of these materials, which offer a broad range of properties: strength; stiffness; impact; chemical, temperature, and abrasion resistance; dimesional stability and fatigue resistance; eletrical characteristics; and oxygen and carbon dioxide impermeability.

Honeywell says a particularly innovative addition to its plastics site is the Online Plastics Education Program. "Users can sign on for live, interactive web-based seminars, ranging from polymer science and materials performance to design and processing," adds the co.

Visit Honeywell's new site at honeywell-plastics.com.

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