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Creo and Xerox Partner for Strategic Hardware/Software Delivery

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA—Creo and Xerox Corporation report the two companies have signed a contract under which Xerox will purchase Spire color servers from Creo (for a period of five years), to be offered for sale with current and future Xerox high-end digital printers. Reconized by Xerox, says Creo, as a "strategic vendor," the Canadian-based prepress manufacturer will continue to devote resources to the ongoing development of advanced color server technologies and workflow and adds it's committed to supporting Xerox customer-satisfaction initiatives.

As a result of the agreement, Creo is supplying Xerox with Spire color servers that are integrated with the new state-of-the-art digital printer from Xerox, the Docucolor iGen3 digital production press. "Offering unmatched speed, image quality, cost effectiveness, and paper-handling capabilities, the DocuColor and the Spire color server already are installed at customer sites in Europe and North America," says Creo.

Adds Amos Michelson, Creo CEO: "We are very pleased with the evolving relationship between Creo and Xerox. We consider Xerox a very important customer. Our stronger collaboration brings added value to all Creo customers by enabling us to offer them digital on-demand printing."

Learn more about Xerox's products at xerox.com. Visit Creo at creo.com.

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