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PCI Publishes European PET Supply-Demand Report

DERBY, U.K.—PCI, PET Packaging, Resin & Recycled Ltd., reports the publication of the fifth edition of the European Supply-Demand report on the PET market in Europe. The 350-page report, says PCI, covers both Eastern and Western Europe. Some of the highlights include:

  • The total market is projected to grow by 6.5 percent per year to reach 3.2 million metric tons by 2011.
  • There's considerable "upside" potential in markets such as beer, milk, juices, and food, in substituting cans , cartons, other plastics, and glass.
  • Growth in the eastern part of the region will outstrip that in the western part.
  • Faster growth is projected for newer beverages, such as juices, teas, isotonics, and dairy drinks than for traditional carbonated beverages.
  • The beer market is not expected to switch to PET in the western part of Europe, but it will continue to be a significant market in the eastern part.
  • Substantial growth is anticipated as Germany switches from refillable to one-way PET.
  • The three largest national markets [in Europe] are Italy, France, and the U.K.; Russia is number four.
  • The report profiles 500 companies that convert PET into preforms, bottles, and sheets.
  • The five largest converters process 870,000 metric tons of PET and account for 32 percent of total resin demand.
  • On the supply side, there are 13 principal producers of PET resin in the western part of Europe and four in the eastern part. The top three are Voridian, Dow, and M&G, which collectively account for almost half the region's capacity.
  • The western part of Europe has sufficient installed capacity to meet market requirements until 2005/2006; the eastern part of Europe, in contrast, has a substantial shortfall in capacity, although there are several major investment projects under development.
  • In the last ten years, the western region of Europe has had an average net trade imbalance equal to 30 percent of the domestic market.
More information about the European PET Supply-Demand report is available at pcipetpackaging.co.uk.

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