It's Not Just for Women Anymore: The New WMPKG

KENNESAW, GA, USA—"Women in Packaging" (WMPKG), may soon want to change its name to "People in Packaging"—or at least something that indicates its substantial male membership. According to the professional organization, nearly 20% of the group's membership is male.

WMPKG recently announced it will not cater to only female packaging professionals any longer. "What began eight years ago as a professional organization dedicated to encouraging the growth of women in the packaging industry has matured into a dynamic professional organization, which facilitates the career and professional development while building business for all packaging professionals," explains WMPKG. "The fact that more than 20 percent of [our] membership is male attests to the fact that all packaging professionals need the programs and resources provided by Women in Packaging."

The organization says it's making the change due to the recent transformation of the packaging industry and the use of the Internet. "WMPKG," reports group officials, "recognized that it needed to address career issues critical to the industry's development."

For more info. on WMPKG, visit the organization on the web at

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