PSTC Seminar Aimed at 'Mastery' of Adhesion Science

TECH XXVI and Tape University: "Learn to Succeed": Two complementary programs aimed at mastery of the science of adhesion. May 5-9, 2003, Washington Hilton and Towers, Washington DC

NORTHBROOK, IL, USA—The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) says, in conjuction with TECH XXVI, it will present PSA 102 Advanced Technology for Pressure-Sensitive Tapes, "an advanced 12-hour course presented by a faculty of industry experts," at its upcoming conference next month.

According to PSTC, faculty will lecture on such topics as: adhesives, substrates, liners, test methods, coating techniques, and converting. "Attendees of PSA 102 will benefit from an intensive overview of chemistry, physics, engineering, and manufacturing processes as they relate to the development and manufacture of quality pressure-sensitive adhesive products," adds PSTC.

In addition Tape University, other education available at the PSTC's annual conference will be through TECH XXVI's 27 paper presentations by the "industry's most innovative developers."

Industry member registration for Tape University 102 (May 5-6) is $795. Full-time student registration for PSA 102 is $195. For TECH XXVI (May 7-9), industry member registration is $795. Full-time student registration is $195. For more information, contact PSTC at 877/523-7782 or visit

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